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Gentle Clarifying Cleanser




Step: 1


Size: 4 oz./120 ml


Skin Type: All - safe for even the most irritated skin


Purpose: To eliminate environmental irritants


Used Daily:  Lasts approximately 3-4 months



Imagine a facial cleanser so "scientifically-clever" and elegant in design, that it will actually wash moisture into your skin instead of out of your skin!


Crystal Clear is so beautifully soft and non-drying that it is even safe enough for post-laser or post-surgery use! With mild, yet extremely powerful left-handed amino acid surfactants, even stubborn cosmetics emulsify easily without scrubbing the skin! Those with highly irritable complexions will really appreciate crystal clear's decadent shea butter component!


Incorporating the precious essences of both Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood, crystal clear culminates in an aroma therapy experience that is both deeply soothing and clarifying.


Formula Highlights


  • Distilled/Fullerene filtrated water moisturizes as it cleanses - delivering exponentially more nutrients to the skin! 
  • Liquid Crystals
  • Shea Butter prevents lipid-peroxidation in the epidermis due to its chiral components D-alpha-tocopherol and L- phytosterols.
  • Kyra's™ form of chirally correct Glycerin (steam-distilled from sugar fermentation), improves the mobility of right-handed ingredients through the dead stratum corneum.
  • The most elegant and mild amino acid surfactant on the planet (L-acyl glutamate), is conversely so potent, that it's ability to maintain the elasticity of the stratum corneum proteins is exceptional!
  • The L-menthol in this formula is extracted from Japanese Mint. At 25,000 parts per million (PPM), it is the most potent source of menthol on the planet! As such, its antibacterial properties keep "foreign invaders" from landing as they simultaneously render existing surface bacteria ineffective. The L-menthol in Kyra™ also maintains the chiral purity of the skin during the aging process.
  • Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood oils: Unzipped essential oils separating the active L and D components for improved therapy: aroma ratio.