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Daily Defense Crème  




Step: 3


Size: 1 oz./30 ml


Skin Type: All – safe for even the driest of skin


Purpose: To deeply nourish and protect


Used Daily: Lasts approximately 2 months



Mellow Yellow is truly every woman's daily dream cream! It is a total enigma in that it deeply hydrates without being "oily" - and, is extremely potent in a completely gentle way! The skin rapidly assimilates this silky soft cream, as it infuses a huge payload of potent epidermal growth factors for both cellular renewal and repair, and you will see and feel the difference chiral science makes in a matter of days, versus months!


When skin is distressed from over-exfoliation, sunburn, surgery or is in a general unhealthy state, mellow yellow is your chiral "911" call! mellow yellow features SPIN TRAP – a prized "intelligent" antioxidant that not only curtails every day exposure to free radicals, but also set up a "safety shield" that will protect even exfoliated skin from harmful invaders!


  Formula Highlights


  • We use Fullerene filtrated distilled water to deliver huge payloads of nutrient to the skin cells. Fullerenes unto themselves are capable of carrying and delivering exponentially more nutrients than Liposomes. In fact, Liposomes aren't even in the same league!  
  • Mellow Yellow stimulates re-population of epidermal growth factor receptors with it's own optically/chirally correct version of epidermal growth factor, which is called Serum Protein. This is why you can see the improved quality of your skin so quickly! Serum Protein stimulates new skin cell replication and moves these newer and healthier cells to the surface much, much faster.
  • Then we took this process one step further, and included D-Retinol Hammelate in order to highly activate and stimulate the kind of collagen synthesis reminiscent of our earliest youth!
  • Caprylic capric triglycerides supply the glycoproteins that the skin must have in order to connect epidermal cells. They also improve the permeability barrier of the skin and ward off fungal invasions.
  • Mellow Yellow hands down blows away the totally ineffective Vitamin E based creams that have dominated the general skin care and health food industry trading on label claim. This elegant cream boasts D-alpha-tocopherol. This right-handed version of Vitamin E is the only natural version of Vitamin E! Sourced from Purslane (portulaca oleracea), where it occurs at 2300 parts per million (PPM), it is also the antioxidant with the best and most widely respected reputation.
  • This formula actually detoxifies the skin as it hydrates the skin due to the optically resolved Hyaluronic Acid and D-glucuronic acid factors that we added. D-glucuronic acid is the most basic building block of hyaluronic acid. As such, this precursor of Vitamin C, is Mother Nature's chief detoxifier in plants and animals!