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Anti-Aging Cleanser




Step: 1


Size: 4 oz./120 ml


Skin Type: All - especially acneic or thicker/oily skins


Purpose: To expedite exfoliation and nullify bacteria


Used Daily: Lasts approximately 3-4 months



Introducing the most extraordinary anti-aging facial cleanser on the planet! mint mantra is capable of taking the revitalization of drab or "tired" complexions to a completely accelerated level of vitality ... and ...For those afflicted with acneic conditions it is an absolute miracle!


For the past few years, women have stormed the "high-end" cosmetics counters of the world, seeking the anti- aging benefits of Alpha-Hydroxy-Acid (AHA). Sadly, these benefits have largely been label claim oriented, because unless AHA complex has been chirally corrected, it delivers no visible or permanent benefits, and causes dramatic long-term damage!


The good news is that mint mantra is the only skin cleanser of it's type in the world that utilizes chirally-correct AHA. Therefore, Kyra™ makes the anti-aging promise of cellular turnover very real . . . and we start delivering that promise when you wash your face! In fact, if left on the skin for 1-3 minutes, mint mantra will actually prompt a safe and gentle "mini-peel" - revitalizing even the "chalkiest" looking complexion without causing the long-term damage of "free-radical" cascade!


 Formula Highlights


  • Distilled/Fullerene filtrated water moisturizes as it cleanses - delivering exponentially more nutrients to the skin!
  • Our chirally correct L-lactic acid finesses and expedites cell-turnover! This in turn quickly migrates new and healthier cells to the surface - where improvements to the skin's condition are visible.
  • PEG-oleic fatty acid glycerides greatly improve the balance and integrity of epidermal phospholipids - the literal "backbone" of cellular membranes.
  • Shea Butter prevents lipid-peroxidation in the epidermis due to its chiral components D-alpha-tocopherol and L-phytosterols.
  • The L-menthol in this formula is extracted from Japanese Mint. At 25,000 parts per million (PPM), it is the most potent source of menthol on the planet! As such, its antibacterial properties keep "foreign invaders" from landing as they simultaneously render existing surface bacteria ineffective. The L-menthol in also maintains the chiral purity of the skin during the aging process.
  • Our aromatic Jasmine Alcohol (derived from the jasmine branch of the olive family) discourages bacteria and other microorganisms from setting up home in the formulation itself! Jasmine alcohol is also a powerful pheromone!