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Intense Anticlockwise Crème




Step: 3


Size: 1 oz./30 ml


Skin Type: All – safe for even the driest of skin


Purpose: To accelerate cellular turnover/reduce fine lines


Used Daily: Lasts approximately 2 months



Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, exfoliate, and improve your skin's health, firmness and elasticity . . .all while you are sleeping! For aging and young skin alike, this chiral specialist is the ultimate edge for stopping time right in its tracks . . .an anti-clockwise potion so to speak!


Paradigm Shift is formulated with a nutrient rich base and built-in chiral exfoliation factors that make it an absolutely perfect night treatment - yet, it is light enough for day use as well . . . two treatments in one - so to speak! Paradigm Shift delivers the youthing benefits of cellular "turnover" with the "anti-clockwise" constituents of our chirally corrected alpha-hydroxy-acid complex and protects with SPIN TRAP – the world’s most “intelligent” antioxidant!


You'll see almost immediate improvements in your skin, without any of the corresponding irritation or damage associated with the heavily advertised and wrongly boasted "mainstream" alpha-hydroxy-acid creams.


 Formula Highlights


  • Distilled/Fullerene filtrated water moisturizes as it delivers exponentially more nutrients to the cells!  
  • Blue & Red Liquid Crystals
  • You will be simply amazed at the results our powerful - yet gentle - chirally corrected AHA complex constituents can generate (our should we say . . . regenerate) in your skin! L-lactic, sourced from yogurt, expedites cell-turnover and quickly moves new and healthier cells to the surface where improvements to the skin's condition are visible. On the other hand, our L-malic component promotes more efficient circulation and healthier capillaries in the skin.
  • Paradigm Shift also boasts D-Retinol Hammelate, to highly activate and stimulate the kind of collagen synthesis reminiscent of our earliest youth . . . PLUS . . . we included extra Collagen - (chirally corrected collagen that is)!
  • To re-emphasize protection through anti oxidation, we included D-alpha- tocopherol (our right-handed version of Vitamin E)! Sourced from Purslane (portulaca oleracea), where it occurs at 2300 parts per million (PPM), it is the antioxidant with the best and most widely respected reputation.
  • We used only the best optically correct components of Aloe D-complex, making your results worthy of the legends that have become associated with aloe vera over the centuries! D-mannose-phosphate is the component with the amazing healing properties, while D-hydroxy-chromone and D-methyl-phytl-chromanol act as antioxidants, and D-methy-tocol lends an anti- inflammatory attribute.