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Antioxidant Cocktail




Step: 2


Size: 4 oz./120 ml


Skin Type: All


Purpose: Neutralizes free radicals & conditions


Used Daily:  Lasts approximately 2-3 months



We took the science of chirality and the power of Liquid Crystals and made an "antioxidant cocktail" that nourishes stressed skin and stops thousands of aging pollutants dead in their tracks! Further, unlike the hundreds of toners on the market today, radical approach's purpose is not to remove residual cleanser or restore pH balance to the skin after cleansing. With Kyra™ cleansers, this just isn't an issue!


Rather, radical approach is a true specialist and as such, may be used as a stand-alone product! How it conditions the skin to receive it's individual nutritional payloads, and shields the skin from the ravages of environmental pollutants, was simply a matter of chiral design!


Radical Approach deeply protects the integrity of the skin with SPIN TRAP -  the most intelligent and potent antioxidant component in the world! The ultimate goal of our exponentially over-the-top skin regime is insuring that your skin be prepared to accept maximum benefit from our chirally corrected serums and moisturizers. radical approach ensures this happens!


 Formula Highlights


  • Distilled/Fullerene filtrated water moisturizes as it cleanses - delivering exponentially more nutrients to the skin!
  • Our chirally correct L-lactic acid finesses and expedites cell-turnover! This in turn quickly migrates new and healthier cells to the surface - where improvements to the skin's condition are visible.
  • Radical Approach takes the protection and healing of stressed skin, and the ability to ravage free radicals and calm inflammatory responses to a whole new level. Using only the best chiral components of the Aloe D-Complex, you'll finally see the results that are truly worthy of the legends about this native desert dweller.
  • We use L-Ascorbic Acid, otherwise known as the "left-handed" side of vitamin C, because it promotes better building of proteins in the skin, and is in fact, the most important of all the carbohydrates! L-Ascorbic Acid is also abundantly rich in left-handed amino acids, which is another fabulous nutrient payload to the fabric of the cells.
  • The chirally corrected version of Witch Hazel utilized in radical approach, isolates the three components of Witch Hazel that exponentially boost this product's antioxidant qualities, while serendipitously offering calming effects. The magic three for the chirally curious are: L-epigallocatechin, D-gallocatechin and D-mammelose.
  • Then we added a chirally resolved Beta Hydroxy Acid to soften the skin and make an essential contribution to the formulation of left- handed ATP (the body's most important process for the creation of energy) . . . and topped it all off with L-Gluthione . . . another chiral/optically correct "lefty" that would afford the precious membrane lipids in your skin yet more protection from free radicals.