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Hair Repair Concentrate



Step: 2


Size: 4 oz./120 ml


Hair Type: All – especially treated or severely damaged hair


Purpose: To deeply correct, repair and “heal” hair (May be diluted 2 to 1 with filtered water)



You simply are not going to believe what this product can do!

Root Cause is an intensively nutrient rich and highly concentrated "wake-up" call for the hair and scalp, that is power-packed with ingredients that can re-link hair's damaged bonds - the cause of "frizzies" and split-ends. root cause 'heals' hair, so when hair is really distressed, leave it in for an hour or even overnight!   L-Menthol ensures not only a totally invigorating experience as the scalp is oxygenated, but also chemo-prophylactic protection from fungus and bacteria. This quickly deters scalp problems. Detoxifying D-glucuronic acid rids hair of chemical pollutants, and the surfactant L-Cysteine conditions and strengthens the sulfur-rich proteins of the hair and scalp simultaneously. You can never go back to your old "stand-by" once you have the root cause!


Formula Highlights


  • Supercritical distillation and Fullerene filtration make this the "hungriest" and purest water on the planet - capable of holding and delivering exponentially more ingredients!
  • Liquid Crystals
  • Mustard Seed Thiols - Extracted from mustard seed oil (L-Cysteine), this surfactant (surface acting agent) conditions the sulfur-rich proteins of the scalp and hair.
  • Hops Glycerol Esters are long-chained fatty alcohols that are extracted from hops. They enhance the emollience of the lipid phase in root cause.
  • Caprylic Fatty Acid is a moisturizing component of milk fat that conditions the glycoproteins esponsible for connecting cells. It is also anti-fungal.
  • Dimethicone increases the linking of hyaluronic and mucopolysaccharides to protein in connective tissue and skin. This correct version of silicon is increasingly being recognized as important in wound healing and aging.
  • Shea Butter (sourced from the Karite Tree), contributes the optically active components L-Phytosterols and D-alpha-tocopherol to prevent lipid-peroxidation.
  • Our version of Jojoba is a botanical form of sperm whale oil, which is super-hydrated to be 100% non-oily as well as water-soluble. It remains very emollient in its properties.
  • D-Glucuronic Acid is the most basic building block of hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate. 
  • The L-Menthol in root cause is extremely effective for those with aggravated scalp conditions such as shingles, psoriasis or dandruff. Its chemo-prophylactic properties keeps "foreign invaders" from landing as they simultaneously render existing surface bacteria ineffective. L-menthol maintains the chiral purity of the hair regardless of outside “interference”.
  • Wonderfully beneficial for both skin and hair, D-Panthenol is part of the Vitamin B-5 family and is sourced from queen bee jelly. D-panthenol is a promoter of coenzyme a and as such, possesses strong anti-dermatitis properties. D-panthenol is true right-handed B5, which combines with pyridoxine (B6) to increase the hyaluronic acid content of hair!