What Is Chirality?

The science of optically corrected organic compounds is called Chirality, which is taken from kheir, the Greek word for "handed".

kyra sealIn short, the science of chirality began with Louis Pasteur, who discovered that biologically active molecules often occur in two mirror image forms called isomers or simply stated ‐ hands. You could visualize these "hands" as “sides” whose only similarity is that they look alike. Although they are stereo images of each other, the chirally correct side is Mr. Hyde and the chirally incorrect side is Dr.Jekyll.

The process of unzipping or separating these two sides, is called "chiral
resolution, and the end result is that the chirally correct side can be isolated and used in highly beneficial ways, and the dangerous rogue side discarded.

When A Compound Has Not Been Chirally Corrected

It can cause devastating side‐effects in the human body, and the reason that
pharmaceutical companies are spending upwards of $100 billion annually on both chiral research and the "chiral correction" of their drugs, is because they now know that many of the unfortunate side‐effects of prescription drugs are caused by chiral incorrectness!

Today, the FDA in the United States has mandated the "chiral correction" of the top 100 selling prescriptive drugs. Further, they will not approve any new drugs that are not chirally "resolved".

Human Beings Are Chirally Sensitive And Chirally Pure

At this point in our human evolutionary history, the biochemistry of the
human body is becoming increasingly chirally selective and chirally pure ‐ partially due to environmental attack and toxin overload.

baby feetKyra™ works because it actually addresses the chirally pure nature of the human body on a molecular level. Remember, "chiral incorrectness" and the use of petroleum byproducts are the two principal reasons that mainstream skin care really can't offer us any hope of delivering meaningful results.

On the other hand, if an active ingredient is chirally correct ‐ meaning it has the right optical activity so as to be recognized and "fit" the chemistry of the human body, it will do the job nature designed it to do.

Welcome to the future of true anti aging skin care, and all the future breakthroughs that chiral science can and will make possible!

Liquid Crystals

Every cell in your body, and every part of each cell, from your DNA to the cell membrane, exists in a liquid crystal state.

As we age, our organs begin to lose their liquid crystal integrity. Just as broken gears in a watch would cause the timepiece to "lose time", such is the case with the structure of our skin, when these liquid crystalline structures "unlock".

In the absence of this stability, our skin's optically correct/active building blocks are no longer interlocking and meshing seamlessly, and we show visible signs of aging.

The ability of Kyra™ to supply the skin with optically active Liquid Crystals replenishes these "microscopic gears" and keeps them interlocking and turning correctly.

This in turn enables the physiology of the skin to both regenerate and even reverse some of the obvious signs of aging.

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