Skin Types

thumb and handOur entire range of Kyra™ Skin Care Products are suitable for all skin types! Whether you have perfect or problematic skin, Kyra™ will work for you.We hear of amazing results from many satisfied customers every day, so try it for yourself.

If you do have specific questions, or need more detailed information, you can contact Gordon Steward at:

Recommended Regimes

Once you have used these brilliant products, and experience first-hand the spectacular difference they make in your appearance, it is impossible to fathom using anything else.

1. Click here for our basic regime

All Kyra™ anti-aging skin solution products were designed for deep cleansing and all round environmental protection. Every skin type, from the most dry--to the most sensitive--to the most problematic--may use this program.

2. Click here for our intense anti-aging regime

This is a salon-style anti-aging and repair treatment system designed for at home use on a daily basis. It is ideal for those of us who simply wish to look younger and healthier, or who suffer from problematic, blemished complexions.

Caring For Your Products

Kyra™ skin care products contain only the finest, safest, and preservative-free chirally corrected ingredients. Therefore, they are highly active and it is important to note the following product care and handling guidelines, so that your products maintain their optimal effectiveness as long as possible.

  • Try not to expose your Kyra™ products to extreme heat, cold or direct sunlight. The best conditions are cool, dark places. Ironically, bathrooms are not usually ideal because of frequent changes in temperature or humidity.
  • You needn't be concerned if a product separates when left standing. This is perfectly natural, as all Kyra™ products contain extremely high levels of active compounds, which are not easy to 'homogenize' (keep in suspension). Simply shake well; and use as normal.
  • Likewise, you needn't be concerned if the colours from batch to batch vary slightly. This is due to the natural colourings as they enhance the optical rotation of the activities; as well as the chiral ingredients used to stabilize the product. Being optically active, chiral compounds have been known to 'play tricks with the light'.
  • After use, always wipe the tip of the pump or flip top dispenser.