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A Living Whole Food

Spectra 12™ is a living whole food which provides a life force to nourish cells in the body. Our whole food components are literally "predigested" by our "super strain probiotics" in the same way they would be in your body.

spectrabottleThis promotes rapid and better assimilation of all the free-form nutrients contained in these whole foods, and it also sets up the right conditions in your gut to aid the correct digestive processes with the other foods you eat.

We call this special probiotic fermentation/pre digestion process as"biopotentiating". It is a trademarked process that has been under development for over two decades, and is called Flora Ferm™.

Our probiotics are government "certified organic" and "natural". When anything occurs naturally (in nature), it is impossible to patent, which is why there is no patent on Spectra 12™.


The probiotics (friendly bacteria) that form the foundation of Spectra 12™ are sourced as close to nature as it gets, and to date, are the result of two decades of ongoing development and "stressing".

Our probiotic strains are continuously being evolved and strengthened as they are exposed to more and more stresses. Each progressive iteration is better than the last!

finishedpowderAlmost all other strains of indigestible bacteria found inthe marketplace, are either man made or genetically engineered. It takes a lot of time, patience, expense and expertise to culture a probiotic food that is as viable as Spectra 12™, which is why it has taken and continues to takean ongoing commitment of time and capital resources.


Bacteria have the power of alchemy. They can combine and change elements to create new substances. They can impart chemical nutrient messages to both DNA and RNA, which are then passed on to the whole body.

In The Probiotic Revolution, Dr. David Williams states, "The friendly bacteria in your bowels have far-reaching effects you've probably never dreamed of. These hard working organisms produce a variety of substances that can prevent cancerous tumors, inactivate viruses, produce natural antibiotics and vitamins and reduce cholesterol. New research has linked these bacteria to even more wonders."

Now, almost one hundred year and a mountain of scientific documentation later, we have proven what the wise peoples that Ilya Mechnikov documented in his studies knew all along experientially. We require significant amounts of multiple friendly bacteria forms to live long, healthy and disease free lives.


There are further, far-reaching benefits derived by combining 17 whole foods with our probiotics. Ongoing research on the science of probiotics has substantiated what we believed all along: That special food components called Fructooligosaccharides (fructose polymers) (FOS) or "prebiotic's" actually fortify and strengthen probiotics, as well as promote beneficial bacteria growth. The Green Barley Grass used in Spectra 12™ is a Prebiotic.

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