"Chiral skin care is so advanced; that it effectively renders any other approach obsolete!"

Nigel Allan
Chiral Innovator



Optically beautiful, and endlessly fascinating, Liquid Crystals offer endless possibilities for various applications.

Their curious properties have, and will, intrigue scientists and keep physicists busy for years to come.

Our Kyra™ Line

Basic Regime      Intense Anti-Aging Regime

Why Kyra™ Works

The Kyra™ line represents the best beauty gift that has been given to men and women in decades - each product performing to phenomenal standards within days, versus weeks, months or never.

In the February 3, 2000 edition of the Financial Post, a feature story on the aging baby boom market predicted that a new breed of cosmetics with pharmaceutical properties "will come to the market in five to ten years."

That new breed of cosmetics is here now!

The incredible effectiveness of Kyra™ is based on the use of optically corrected organic compounds, and as such, Kyra™ products are true cosmeceauticals - pharmacologically active products that blur the line between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. This means Kyra™ is years ahead of the mainstream market and effectively renders 99% of over the counter skin care products obsolete.

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Spin Trap

handheartKYRA™ formulations use the power of Spin Trap - the world's only "intelligent antioxidant" - to capture the wayward oxygen molecules that come into contact with the skin. These "rogue molecules" are one of the primary causes for many forms of skin cancer, as well as premature aging. Once captured, the intelligence inherent to Spin Trap plugs them back into their intended goal of tissue respiration. In other words, Spin Trap deals with free radicals constructively - rather than destructively.

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Every KYRA™ product uses the applied "Nobel" science of Fullerenes to deliver payloads of important nutrients to the skin!

Fullerenes are up to 10 million times smaller than liposomes or nansomes, and therefore carry and deliver exponential payloads of nutrients to the skin.

Where does that leave the competition?

Fullerenes are now the most precious and rare elemental carbon on earth, having surpassed the rarity of both diamonds and graphite! Ironically, Fullerenes are the only pure form of molecular carbon that the human body can utilize and their carbon spheres have proven themselves to be highly effective wound healers.

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